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憑依する is a correct word, but it is an intransitive verb that takes に. You have to say: 幽霊は花子さんに憑依しました。 The ghost possessed Hanako. (or 幽霊が if "A ghost ...") When you want to rephrase this with 花子 as the subject, yes, it's okay to say: 花子さんは幽霊に憑依されました。 Hanako was possessed by a ghost. If you thought "Wait, passive voice of an intransitive ...


体格 is more of a human body shape to describe like skinny, normal, fat, masculine, etc. It is used in a neutral way. スタイル tends to describe one's outlook in an affirmative way. (e.g. tall and skinny has been considered to be suitable for a fashion model)

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