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Being emotionally intelligent is somewhat of a similar expression, though not exactly.


Not a literal translation but “read the room” or “feel the atmosphere” have similar idiomatic usage in English.


... a name for this type of word (made of two very rare/complex kanji, but the word itself is fairly common)? How about... 「読めるけど書けない漢字」 or maybe... 「読めるけど書けない(二字)熟語」 such as: 薔薇、憂鬱、蒟蒻、痙攣、葡萄、贔屓、曖昧、檸檬、麒麟、挨拶、絨毯、凱旋、潰瘍、魑魅魍魎


These are called nandoku kanji (難読漢字). See for example

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