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I understand your tendency to want to use の in this case. However when you want to introduce the name of something, you should use という. (assuming you are introducing it for the first time). So you could say, Dota2というゲームをしました。 If the game is mutually understood you can just say Dota2をしました。


A Circle like ㅇ? From korean? I think that might be the case.


Althouh a (rare?) verb 好く (suku) exists, "suki" is an adjective (borrowed from Austronesian, therefore uses -na instead of -i: "suki-na hito" instead of "suki-i hito"), and "suki" can also be a noun ("fondness"). By they way, suki derives from suku according to Wiktionary. Watashi-wa ongaku-ga suki desu. I-...


In future please only ask one question per post. 面白い事件が起こりました An interesting incident occurred. The verb here is 起こる, which is an intransitive verb meaning "something happened". If you want to say that you caused the incident you need the transitive version of the verb which is 起こす. Your sentence would then be 面白い事件を起こしました (I caused an ...

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