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In scientific contexts where accuracy and precision are clearly distinguished, use: accurate = 正確(な); accuracy = 正確性/正確度 precise = 精密(な); precision = 精密性/精密度 精度 is also used to translate precision, but since it's defined inconsistently in some areas, I personally do not prefer this term when the distinction is important. Reference: 正確度と精度


The first strategy is avoidance. No word for "you" is needed in either of your examples: ご存知ですか。〇〇さんですか。 In other cases, the prefix 御 (お or ご) serves instead. ご出身は?お子さんが素敵ですね! In very rare cases where you actually do need to address someone, if you're being formal, そちら can be used in some cases (especially in contrast with oneself - like "and what about ...


別{べつ}(の) sounds like what you are looking for. It's a common word meaning "different", "distinct", "separate", and works well in a lot of situations. 別の道{みち}を探{さが}そう。 Let's look for a different path. 彼は酔{よ}っ払う{ぱらう}とまるで別人{べつじん}になる。 He turns into a completely different man when he's drunk. それとも別の味{あじ}がいいの? Or would you prefer a different ...


多過ぎる works as an intransitive verb, and 多すぎて is its te-form. This te-form describes a reason/cause. Recheck the grammar of ~過ぎる. 気が張る is a set phrase that means "to feel nervous", "one's nerve is stretched". 気が張っている is its progressive form. せい is a special noun (形式名詞) which translates to "due to", "because of". (This seems to be categorized as a N3 grammar ...


"入門者向け" is used when you should be instructed by teacher , instructor, person who can teach properly. "初心者向け" can be used by when you have just started to practice sports, video games, etc. When you use it, you do not need a person who certify your level of sports, video games, etc. "初級者向け" is used when the level of something already set, such as books of ...


どれぐらい と どのぐらい サイズや量や数に対しては "どれぐらい" を使っていることが多くて、 期間の場合は "どのぐらい" が使われていることが多いかなと思います。 例: 1. どれぐらいの大きさであれば宜しいでしょうか。 2. その車を買うのにどれぐらいのお金が要るだろう。 3. あと、どれぐらいのりんごがこの箱に入れるかな。 4. 区役所までバスでどのぐらいかかりますか。

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