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Is there a difference between these words for “hero”?

I was thinking about this old question recently. 勇者 as 'hero' may seem confusing to people who aren't big into pop culture, but in fantasy, especially fantasy video games (I think Dragon Quest may ...
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Meaning and usage of 刺激(しげき)?

The word 刺激 (shigeki) in Japanese indeed primarily means "stimulation" or "stimulus." However, like many words in any language, its meaning can extend beyond the direct translation ...
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Difference between 抑制、制御、控える、掌握、抑える、操作、支配、統制 for 'control'

You should look up each word in a dictionary again. You can quickly realize that these are different words with different basic meanings. 抑制: suppression (activity/emotion) 制御: handling; management (...
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What's the difference between 初心者, 入門者 and 初級者

The nuance naturally reveals itself by considering the core meanings of the individual kanji. We can consider 者向け first because it is common to all these terms, and quite straightforward. [向]{む}け is ...
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