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Ambiguous stroke order/count for 離?

I didn't know this, but this "Radial 114" seems to have a complicated history, making it difficult to definitively say 禸 is either 4 or 5 strokes. The 禸 component is rendered differently ...
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Ambiguous stroke order/count for 離?

Stroke numbers is a convention, much like stroke orders. In the case of the letter 禸, it is usually written in 4 strokes but the dictionaries conventionally will list it as a 5 strokes letter, as seen ...
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Why is the vertical stroke in the middle of 田 drawn before the horizontal one in the middle?

There is no reason as to why a character is written with a particular order. As Arfrever has pointed out, the current standard in China for 田 is exactly how you imagined it to be: the horizontal line ...
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How do I say "meaning in between quotation marks" in a literal manner?

Just ignoring most of your contexts, So how would you literally describe this visualization below? "[object A] [object B] [object A]" It would be かっこの間の意味 or 引用符の間の意味 (At least for me, 引用符 ...
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