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I would say what you were told is partly correct but partly wrong. You should use a 謙譲語 verb いたします in business settings. But you can safely add ご/お to a 連絡 from yourself. Saying ご連絡いたします is perfectly fine. ご/お as a prefix often forms a 尊敬語, but it sometimes forms a mere 美化語, too. ご連絡 is not a 尊敬語 but a 美化語, and you can safely use 美化語 to refer to things ...


The word of the first greeting to customers is いらっしゃいませ. Then you ask their orders such as ご注文は何になさいますか? When you offer food or drink to customers, you say 失礼します. And when customers come out of your restaurant, you say ありがとうございました。またお越しください.

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