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It just means be careful. For example if you were about to step in a puddle your walking buddy might say "watch out" or something similar.


It appears to me that you have some misunderstandings about おいくつ... Is it natural to say 「おいくつですか」 to children who are around 10, or younger? No, it isn't. おいくつ is an honorific expression. It's a respectful and formal way of saying 何歳 or いくつ, and it's funny to say おいくつですか to a small child. Usually "いくつ?" or "何歳?" is enough to a small child. On the other ...


Though Japanese stops using -つ for concrete numbers at ten, the question word いくつ does not have upper limit. You can even use it to ask how many stars are in the sky. So, there is no retirement age of おいくつですか either. It remains the normal preferable choice to ask an unfamiliar person their age for all age groups, unless other consideration may be involved.

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