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Well, there are many types of 略字. Short answer: it might be used on blackboard. Generally speaking, I don't think primary school teachers use them, and also unlikely secondary school teachers. I remember my history teacher in high school using 口 for 国. But it was rather a memorable exception. As for essays, ...


週末にたけしさんとテニスをします is an affirmation that you are going to play tennis on the weekend. It is definite. Note that there is no such thing as a future tense or an auxiliary verb that would correspond to English “will” in Japanese. It’s just that the present (or non-past) affirmative form of a verb is used with an expression that can be interpreted as referring to ...


"~するつもり(だ/です)" is used in everywhere, no matter if it's polite or casual. The only exception is when you're talking to your boss / superior person, in that case you will be using "~する予定です".

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