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Respect keigo: Why is ご利用になる OK but お料理になる isn't?

ご + kango + になる is a relatively uncommon pattern that applies to only certain verbs: ✅: ご到着になる, ご出発になる, ご出席になる, ご利用になる, ご来店になる, ご帰宅になる, ご入浴になる, ご発言になる (+ご覧になる) ❌: ご運転になる, ご学習になる, ご訪問になる, ご観察になる, ...
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How to politely phrase "what problem are you trying to solve?"

Although it was not much clear from question about your reply is in response to what kind of content? However I think you want to know that what they are expecting your ${COMPANY_PRODUCT} to do. ${...
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asking three questions to my japanese teacher in sonkeigo

I think having such a conversation already indicates a friendly enough relationship. As such, using sonkeigo in those sentences sounds like a register mismatch to me (though it's not impossible). ...
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sonkeigo question: talking about 社長's daily life

First note that you don't use sonkeigo when talking to people outside your company about your 社長, which means all the sentences below (your sentences + sonkeigo) are rather of limited use - one ...
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