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~すまいて after a verb

Angelos explained well. I just wanted to add some references for て (kindly provided by reddit). 明鏡国語辞典 助動詞「だ」「じゃ」「ぬ」「まい」「だろう」などに付いて》自分や相手に言い聞かせる気持ちを表す。「大変なことじゃて」「そんなことはあるまいて」 新選国語辞典 第十版 〘古語〙...
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Does ろくに~ない grammar change negative sentence into positive?

You have the right idea that Japanese is generally logical about negation: it treats two negatives as cancelling out to a positive whenever that makes sense for the grammatical structure, and doesn't ...
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