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Katakana Long Vowel Marking (Pokemon Related)

This is ultimately up to the creator's preference. As far as proper nouns like character names are concerned, you will find lots of inconsistencies. シィ is not the most common way of elongating シ, but ...
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Why does 'アプリストア’ mean appstore?

From what I can tell it's actually called the "App Store" in English letters, where they sell アプリ. As for the reason they prefer アプリ... Japanese like to shorten foreign borrowed words if ...
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Foreign name writing in Katakana

I recommend checking the Japanese Wikipedia page of a famous person with the same name whenever you’re unsure about how to spell a foreign name. For example, Saoirse Ronan’s JP Wiki page spells her ...
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Why does 'アプリストア’ mean appstore?

The word application in Japanese is 「アプリケーション」. The shortened form (akin to app) is 「アプリ」, rather than just 「アップ」 as one might expect coming from English. Therefore the word for app store is, as you'd ...
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