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巻【まき】の七十二 is just a traditional way to say "Volume 72". Were it not a ninja manga, we would normally say (第)七十二[巻]【かん】. の is the only way to connect a noun to another in Japanese. Unlike English, you cannot directly attach "with", "from", "by" and such to a noun unless via の. The の alone is thus the most ambiguous and ...


卷ノ(の)七十二 can be read in two ways. The first 二十七ノ卷, this is an old way reading Japanese letters from right to left. The second 卷ノ七十二, this is a new modern way reading them from left to right. Even as a native speaker of Japanese, I am a little perplexed, and have done a little search about his Manga. The answer is: 卷ノ七十二, meaning Vol. 72.

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