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As others have said, they're not used in modern Japanese and the characters aren't taught in Japanese Elementary schools. However, saying they don't exist isn't technically correct; they do exist in an old textbook on Wikipedia. You can find them here: ヤ行イ Links to the specific kana charts for reference:


They're not "missing", these hiragana characters aren't needed as they don’t exist in modern Japanese language. The language doesn't have these sounds so they did not need to be represented. You cannot write them in hiragana. Some additional conventions exist to write foreign sounds in katakana but there are still limitations as both systems were ...


These syllables simply don't appear in Modern Japanese, so there are no standard symbols to represent them. This also goes for the "we" and "wi". Their pronunciation has shifted from "we" to "e" and "wi" to "i", so in native Modern Japanese words, you can find them written as pronounced. Even if ...


I cannot imagine any particular case that Japanese people have to write わたし instead of 私. To a beginner of the Japanese learning, I would like to advise to use 私 instead of わたし in any case. As a Japanese writer, however, I often avoid using 私 in my writing, because I think it better to use hiragana when using the words originated in Japan, not in China. So ...

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