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What does this grammar mean?

In the song キティ, the first line states: 伝わらない想いだけが心染めて 悲しみに溺れたような泡沫の爆ずバラッド I really don't understand if it's だ after ballad, or になる, or is it describing 泡沫 or 泡沫のはずバラッド It's probably not 泡沫, and I ...
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Are the articles of the website “言葉の違いが分かる読み物” written by one person or multiple people?

There is a website called “言葉の違いが分かる読み物” (English translation: “Reading Material Where You Can See The Difference Between Words”). As the website title suggests, it has articles that explain the ...
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Phenomenon of omitting the head noun of a relative clause

Take this dialogue for example, where A and B talk about a certain 田中さん: A: ところで田中さんって覚えてる? B: あ、このあいだパーティーにいた? I made it up, so please excuse any unnatural aspects. The important part is B's answer. ...
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雪明かり照らす町 . Is there a missing を?

Could someone explain this sentence to me? 雪明かり照らす町 Google translates this as: The town illuminated by snow For my part, I would translate it as: The town illuminating snow-brightness. Or The ...
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How common/natural is it to omit いい after 〜なくても?

I've noticed that in some visual novels I've played (mainly the ones set in older periods) that some characters tend to omit the いい after 〜なくても For example, a character's line after being apologised ...
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Is there a need to define what kind of 確率 is spoken about?

This sentence is taken from the 5th chapter of the Guilty Gear Web-Comic, which you can find here: All Chapters: Chapter 5 (sentence on page 4): https://www....
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