Is this correct, 私は___N年の経験があります。

Thank you!

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That is correct even though 「私は」 is not needed in most cases. Your reader/listener will know who you are talking about without using the pronoun. English is a me-me-me language and Japanese is not.

Other natural-sounding sentence patterns would include:

・「[name of field] の分野{ぶんや}で N 年{ねん}の経験{けいけん}があります。」

・「[name of occupation] として N 年の経験があります。」

  • If he had to keep 「私」, could he use 「私には」 or perhaps 「私は~でN年間働いた経験を持っています」? Apr 3, 2018 at 5:40

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