I know this is a quite general question, but I've been wondering what are the differet ways to say 'to add'. 'To add' is a very useful word for everyday use, but I find it quite tricky to find the correct japanese equivalent since there are diffenret words for different circumstances. What I mean by this:

  • 二つの数字を足す。To add two numbers together.

  • 塩を加える。 To add salt.

There is also '追加する' and '加算する' , which I'm not sure how to use.

  1. How do I use '追加する' and '加算す'?

  2. Are there any different ways to say 'to add'?

  3. What are the differences between them? (Please show on a sentence.)

Thank you so much in advance.

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Dealing with abstract numbers in mathematics, , use "加算する". Other uncountable numbers, specific amounts, or any numbers in everyday life, use "加える" or the simpler "足す".

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