I have a query about how to say "there is no enough space for it?" and "it's in the way."

Unfortunately my japanese is not good enough to create a natural sentence, and all I come out with is


which I believe doesn't really explain what I'm trying to say and might be actually wrong. (I apologize in advance for it).

  • Enough space for what? Depending on what it is, the phrase will change a lot (leaving something in a room, putting something in a schedule, doing some extra task, etc.)
    – virgil9306
    Mar 2, 2017 at 8:04

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The only mistake you made is that you said ために instead of ための. The correct sentence is:


ために is adverbial (modifies a verb) and ための is adjectival (modifies a noun). Obviously you want それのため to modify 場所 (noun) right after it, so you should use の.


In addition, それのため is a bit wordy; you can simply say そのため.


If you want to explicitly say "enough", use 十分 (na-adjective):


P.S. You don't have to apologize for making an incorrect sentence, but we don't do general proofreading. Next time please specify the grammatical point you are most concerned about.

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