Hi I want to write a congrats message to my Japanese friend and I want to tell him this:

  Happy birthday

  I wish you so many more wonderful experiences 

  and have a lot of fun this day

Obviously the first line will be:


And the second line will be:


And the third line something like this:


So I think that the first and third lines are relatively correct, but I really have my doubts on the second line. What do you think? Is there another way to say the same thing?


I think もっと(たくさん)素晴らしいことがあるといいです isn't unnatural and it is literally translated as "もっとたくさん素晴らしい経験(体験)をしてね."

The other option I came up is"もっとたくさん素晴らしい出来事があるといいね.".

  • So といい it's actually used for wishing to oher people? – Paul Damián Jiménez Nuño Jan 10 '17 at 20:12
  • Yes, it is often used but ね,な,ですね usually attach to it. – Yuuichi Tam Jan 11 '17 at 4:04

This may just be my personal style of speaking, but for the second line I'd say




Also, for the third line I'd say 「楽しい一日」 instead of just 「楽しい日」, but that's something minor.


It does not sound odd, but your translation is incorrect... In English, it is:

I hope more wonderful things happen (to you).

I would translate:

  • もっと素晴らしい経験(体験)がありますように (prayer)
  • もっと素晴らしい経験(体験)ができるといいね

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