I want to say:

Now may be the third or fourth time since I started making this cuisine.

And my attempt is as follows:


Bonus examples

More examples might help me understand the grammar in question.

  • It is the 3rd time since I started visiting your house.
  • Tomorrow will be my 3rd visit since I started visiting this museum 5 years ago.

I'll give this one a shot.


I think the main thing that is awkward about your translation is the "作るのをはじめて” part, which I don't think is correct grammar. I think you could replace 作って in my translation with 作りはじめて, but I don't think it's required.

Commonly the "-te" form is also used to show how much time has elapsed since doing something, for example:

It's been about a year since I joined this company.

Edit: I remembered one other pattern for the original sentence in question:


I think this is a little more literally close to the sentence.

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