I came across the bolded segment in the following sentence and translated it as "once more".


Both Jishio.org, and tanoshiijapanese.com say that 今一度 is a noun, while I think that the phrase "once more" is not a noun in English.

How is 今一度 a noun in Japanese? Is the English translation also a noun, according to the dictionaries cited above?

  • Those websites both use the same dictionary, and although I'll try to avoid saying whether or not the dictionary is correct in a comment, I'll just note that regardless of what it says about Japanese, it says nothing at all about English. If you'd like to know whether once more is a noun in English (it's not), you can always ask on English Language & Usage or ELL.
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    Apr 27, 2019 at 23:19
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According to the entry for 今一度 in the Japanese dictionary Weblio:


もう一度. もう一回. A phrase that can be used specially when emphasising or expressing もう一度 in a more formal way.

it is a synonym of もう一度 and もう一回, which are both listed as "Expression" rather than "Noun" at jisho.org. Therefore, I think that the Noun tag for 今一度 is plain wrong there.

IMHO, the three expressions can be considered adverbs or adverbial phrases.

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