I have learnt two variants for prohibition: -ちゃだめ -ではいけません depending on the level of formality…

But does an intermediate form of -じゃいけない or -ではいけない

exist as well?

  • Note that ちゃだめ and ではいけません don't carry the same nuance as well, the formality isn't the only difference. Commented Aug 27, 2018 at 0:56

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Yes, all combinations are possible. Taking 見る as an example, you can say all of the following (roughly in the descending order of formality):

  • 見てはいけません。
  • 見てはだめです。
  • 見てはいけない。
  • 見ちゃいけない。
  • 見ちゃだめ(だ(よ))。

だめです may look like a weird combination of a colloquial word and the polite form, but it can happen when a teacher say "don't ..." to their students, for example.

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