I work at a shoe store here in the US, and every now and again, especially during Summer, we get a decent amount of Japanese customers. I more or less know most of the business phrases, but I'm not entirely sure how to specify what they are looking for. So say the conversation goes like this...

「ヒールはこちらのコーナーにあります。」(or would 通路 be better?)

Afterwards, I want to ask them what heels they are looking for in particular to better redirect them. (Are you looking for heels for a party, for your job, for a day out, etc), but I'm not sure how to ask. So basically, how would I ask "what occasion are you shopping for? Are you looking for heels for a party, for work, etc?"

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I guess that would be like


or more simply


also, I guess it's common to say

(よそ行き/普段履き/仕事用 etc.)のものをおさがしですか?

if you can guess.

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