I was wondering how I would say 2000 people go to (Name) High School in Japanese. It might be easier to say 毎日、二千の生徒はX高校に通ういます。but it would like to know how to phrase it more like X高校は二千の生徒が(verb)。How would I do this?


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    Ignoring any other issues, surely they don't all go to school every day? I'd hope they got Sundays off.
    – Angelos
    Dec 17, 2019 at 1:44

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The most common phrase to describe that would be:


followed probably by:


and a more formal way to say that would be:


Your first sentence:


contains a couple of mistakes.


「は」⇒「が」 ← 「は」 is not an option.


Make those corrections and you will have a fairly natural-sounding sentence.

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