It seems that 世論 can be pronounced as both よろん and せろん. Are the meanings identical? Is one pronunciation more common than the other?

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    My understanding is this is a case where you can freely take your pick. 世論{よろん} and 世論{せろん} seem to be used to mean exactly the same; so do 世論調査{よろんちょうさ} and 世論調査{せろんちょうさ}, with the former (世論{よろん}) seemingly more popular.
    – Eddie Kal
    Commented Jan 15, 2022 at 18:17

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Practically, Eddie Kal's comment is right: you can use both (no change for nuance) and よろん is more common (see 5. 言葉の発音).

Historically, 世論 was せろん and 輿論 was よろん. Since 輿 was not included in 当用漢字 (1946), 世論 came to be used for both readings (cf. Wikipedia article for 輿論). The linked article says 世論/輿論 meant different things up to Taisho era, but the difference is lost now.

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