I'm working on translating a news article from Japanese to English. This is one of the sentences:


I can't figure out what this use of 色 means. I've looked it up everywhere I can find and am starting to wonder if it is actually an abbreviation of a treaty.

Anyone have any other ideas?


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It's read しょく, and is a suffix that means "mood", "smell", "sign" or "appearance". It follows only a small set of words, including:

  • 国際色
  • 地方色
  • 郷土色
  • 対決色
  • 保守色

It's also in lexicalized compounds like 敗色, 古色 and 異色.

安保 is short for 安全保障, and it's typically used in the context of 日米安保. Having 安保色 means stimulating some other countries, as well as some people in Japan.

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