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I'm really a musician, I guess, but I've thought about pursuing programming as a career instead. I took a few programming classes in high school, but otherwise I've just studied it as a hobby off and on.

My SoundCloud is here. I've been writing and recording music for 20 years.


I know Java the best, but I also know some C++, JavaScript and Objective-C.

The most substantial program I've written is Epsilon, a text-based calculator, written in Java. Block Breaker (a Breakout clone) is also cool.

Along with computer programming, I've also studied math, philosophy, psychology and Japanese online (all to varying degrees), so I care a great deal about the quality of educational resources available on the internet.

Below are some answers of mine which I'm particularly fond of, either because I think they're useful or just because they took a lot of work:

I think all of my most upvoted answers are fine, but upvotes are really just an indication of the question's popularity, so they don't always correspond to what's the most interesting or challenging.

If I've left a negative comment on your answer, please just address the issue and notify me when you're done. When I think issues that I've pointed out have been adequately addressed, I generally delete my comments so it looks like the conversation never took place.

I believe this is how most criticisms should happen on the site. Just fix the problem and move on.

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