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How is となりのトトロ supposed to be perceived in Japanese?
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Mei, the main character in the movie, has a tendency to mispronounce words. 「トトロ」is a mispronunciation of the word「トロル」or 「トロール」, meaning "troll"— which may refer to the antagonist of the classic ...

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What does 「声室」mean in this context?
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As Tokyo Nagoya pointed out, the phrase was parsed incorrectly. The correct division is: 「お[客様]{きゃくさま}の[声]{こえ}」 + 「[室]{しつ}」 However, regarding translation, it seems that "Customer Service" is a ...

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に and で revisited
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Additional Info I've always thought that if you use ある, you have to use に. I learned recently that this is sometimes wrong. There's a case where using X に or X で depends on what X is. For example: ...

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