After a Masters in physics at the FSU Jena in Germany, I am currently finishing up my PhD in astrophysics at the same university. My research focused on the influence of planets on debris disks, which I investigated using analytical models, and by programming some simulations in c++.

The result: planets act on the small dust and the large asteroids of a debris disk very differently. Large asteroids are forced into ever more elliptic orbits by the planet, which evolve over time. Small dust is largely unaffected. Sizes in between is forced to elliptic orbits as well, but with less effect than for the asteroids, the actual value depending on their size.

Anyways, currently I am writing my thesis about these results, while simultaneously trying to publish them at a peer-reviewed journal. The plan is to finish soonish (autumn of this year), therefore I am searching for job opportunities right now! If you need a (astro)physicist, or a c++ programmer, please contact me!

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