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What does だよなー mean?
4 votes

If you've learned enough of the language to use Kanji and such, you should know that だよなー is not a single unit, but 3 separate components. The だ in that is the 'casual,' so to speak, iteration of です, ...

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この vs こちら/こっち? Help me please!
3 votes

Grammatically, この functions as a pre noun only adjective, while the other functions as a noun. このneeds to be in front of a noun for it to do anything, or else it might not make a whole lotta sense

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What does で mean when asked as a question?
1 votes

As the others says, it can be a short version of それで何. To know what else it can mean, though, remember that で, as a particle, is also used to give a reason for something, as in 何で. In response to ...

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「楽しいでした?」- clarifications about this conjugation
0 votes

I think it pays to bear in mind that people who speak a language at a native level often use the language in ways that we would consider as improper, on a grammatical level(e.g. how someone could be ...

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