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Difference between 化成品 - 化学品 - 化工品?
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化学品 and 化成品 are one and the same both meaning chemicals. The online dictionary weblio says that 化学品 are also called 化成品。化工 is shorthand for 化学工学 or chemical engineering. So I would assume that 化工品 are ...

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Confusion regarding "〜てからでないと・・・"
1 votes

I believe that the ~てからでないと pattern has more chronological order implied. The basic meanings are similar. 一生懸命勉強してからでなければ、試験に合格できない。 一生懸命勉強しなければ、試験に合格できない。 Both have the same basic meaning of "If ...

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Abbreviations (etc.)
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Your question is very broad, but I can try to address it a little. first, 高校 - if you look at the kanji, they literally mean high and school. as opposed to 高等学校, where the kanji mean high, level, ...

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