Self-taught in HTML/CSS/photography+photo-editing over the past year. Currently studying JS/jQuery/PHP. Although I only began posting recently, the people at Stackoverflow were my greatest teachers!

TESOL/TEFL/TESL certified with a B.S. in Business + Economics (Graduated last year, but man it sure didn't teach much!).

Love languages (of all kinds you could say). Wish to learn Putonghua and Russian.

Art is fantastic, took a ceramics class and really enjoyed it. Formally trained in classical guitar, but bought an erhu. Just gotta motivate myself grrr.

Serial entrepreneur, and boy is web development and SEO important. :)

Spend most of my time these days working while playing anime or trash tv in the background. I actually like the outdoors too, although this may surprise people as my skin has changed to the color of the wallpaper; the wallpaper is gold.

You'd think I'd want to stay inside, "what with all thym pawnshops and Ca$h 4 Gold places poppin' up all over this place" they argue. What they don't understand is that I actually kind of get a thrill out of going outside with my 24k skin. Don't get me wrong; it is dangerous, but at nighttime when the moon arrives, it reflects gently against me and slowly, like the feeling of falling out of love, I begin to accept -- almost without recognition -- as it receives all of my unwanted and uneasy feelings and replaces them with the sense of calm I always longed for. Maybe that is why I always return.

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