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What exactly is the difference between causative verbs of intransitive verbs and their transitive counterpart?

Quite often the causative form of intransitive verbs and their transitive counterpart are different in meaning, and would translate to different things: Take 残る for example: あの子を家に残した I left that (...
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Is 造れる intransitive form for 造る?

Grammatically, it is potential form of 造る. Here it is working like an adjective, your understanding is not off though. The subject of 造れる in the sentence is generic one and the object is 正方形の部屋. Very ...
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How does やがる work with the intransitive?

"やがる" is a slang use by male to express disgust toward the action caused by the subjective. It is common to hear from anime naratives or yakuza movies. I think it sounds kinda "ちんぴら&...
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