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1 not necessarily but for most it's true and if a corresponding verb doesn't exist you can also use the passive verb form to create one (話される事 hanasareru koto the matter which was talked about ) most verbs are 自動 when they use aru like kawaru 変わる and 他動 with eru 変える kaeru however there are also reverse structures like 殖える and 殖やす. Most verbs for beginners ...


誰が窓を[開]{ひら}いた? Who opened the window? (transitive, active) 窓は誰が[開]{ひら}いた? Who opened the window? (transitive, active) 窓は誰に[開]{ひら}かれた? The window was opened by who? (transitive, passive) 窓を[開]{ひら}いたのは誰? Who is it that opened the window? (transitive, active)

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