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Volition, both in the vernacular and in the specifics of academic terminology, is about intent. Hortative The example above is about the speaker stating their intent to do something together with the listener. Let's go! 行きましょう! Dubitative The dubitative example seems more of a suggesting hortative, as there isn't anything being doubted: ...


Here is how the relevant terms are defined in the Kodokan New Japanese-English Dictionary of Judo: And here are the respective English language entries: uke ("receiver"; the thrown; uke) The person who receives a technique during repetition (uchikomi) or controlled (yakusoku) practice. ukemi (breakfall) General term for breakfalls designed to ...


... a name for this type of word (made of two very rare/complex kanji, but the word itself is fairly common)? How about... 「読めるけど書けない漢字」 or maybe... 「読めるけど書けない(二字)熟語」 such as: 薔薇、憂鬱、蒟蒻、痙攣、葡萄、贔屓、曖昧、檸檬、麒麟、挨拶、絨毯、凱旋、潰瘍、魑魅魍魎


These are called nandoku kanji (難読漢字). See for example

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