At the word level, 焼き means "bake(d)" or "grill(ed)". It works slightly differently depending on whether it's used as a prefix and a suffix. When 焼き is used as a prefix, it just literally means "grilled/baked ~". 焼き魚 grilled fish 焼きトウモロコシ grilled corn 焼きおにぎり baked onigiri But when 焼き is used as a suffix, it forms a specific (...


It means: bake, fry, cook. www.jisho.org is a dictionary.


The person above already gave you a good answer but to add on- The words that you gave examples of pretty much mean: "たこ焼き”:cooked octopus "お好み焼き”:cooked preference-since you can put things to your preference in okonomiyaki 'yaki' doesn't always have to be related to food, for example, '焼き物’ is pottery (yakimono) roughly translated to "baked ...

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