No, they are different in pitch accent. [いつか]{HLL}日本に行きます。 someday [いつか]{LHH}日本に行きます。 on the 5th You can check Google Translate's synthesized voice, which sounds fine enough to me.


It's read つかいみち as Google says. It means the same thing as 使い道 ("usage", "uses", "ways of using"). This 途 is one of the several ways to write みち in kanji. Although 道 is the normal way to write it, sometimes 径, 途 and 路 are used in novels and other forms of aesthetic writing to add some "flavor".


It's not a common reading at all, and I knew no one whose name is 笛【モニカ】. If a real Japanese child had a name like this today, people would almost certainly call it a "kirakira name". But character names in fiction are often unique, and "kirakira name" is usually not used to describe such names, especially when the work is not set in ...

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