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I've found OJAD, the Online Japanese Accent Dictionary, to be particularly useful in providing pitch patterns for conjugated forms as well. And poking around just now, I discovered that the site does have tools for looking up, say, 1) all verbs 2) that have 頭高 pitch patterns and 3) have 3 morae. Search results:

3 has accent patterns for quite a lot of entries; it translates to German, though… But its data can be downloaded in XML format, a comprehensive list could be compiled from that with a bit of programming skills.


Those are extremely rare. Besides 「帰{かえ}る」, I could only think of the following in Standard Japanese. 「入{はい}る」 「通{とお}る」 「返{かえ}す」 「参{まい}る」 *** In case anyone is unsure of what the questioner is talking about, s/he is looking for three-mora verbs in which the pitch accent pattern is 「[〇〇〇]{HLL}」. 「頭高{あたまだか}」 means "head-high".

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