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I think it depends on the situation. For example, if you are a young woman, and your boyfriend just gave you a ring, you'll probably say something similar to ありがとう{LHHHH}! rather than ありがとう{LHLLL} because it doesn't quite fit with the expected enthusiasm and femininity. "Neutral" pitch is indeed ありがとう{LHLLL} IMO in 標準語. In Kansai it is ありがとう{LLLHL}.


For unaccented verbs, the accent falls on な. 行く  いく{LH}  → いかないで{LHHLL} いかなくて{LHHLL} 開ける あける{LHH} → あけないで{LHHLL} あけなくて{LHHLL} For accented verbs, the accent falls on the mora preceding な.* 書く  かく{HL}  → かかないで{LHLLL} かかなくて{LHLLL} 食べる たべる{LHL} → たべないで{LHLLL} たべなくて{LHLLL} *If the mora preceding な is ん due to the sound change ら→ん, the accent shifts one mora ...

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