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I'm confused about when to use で vs を in this sentence

で denotes the means by which the verb is performed: ペンで書{か}きました。  I wrote with a pen. を marks the object of the verb i.e. the thing the verb acts on. ペンを使{つか}ってもいいですか。 Is it okay to use a pen. ...
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How is そこを used in this sentence?

そこを is literally "at that" or "there" as you guess. It is the object of 殲滅した, and refers to those beasts(?) appearing above the ground, or to be precise, the place as the location ...
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Meaning of を in「 未来を少しでも君といたい」

This を is probably a location marker which is roughly the same as English across or through (or sometimes along). Making sense of transitive usage of 行く and 来る - 「を行く」 and 「を来る」 Why does 出る accept を ...
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