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What is this usage of には?

It means "for the purpose of", or "for doing x". E.g. スープとして飲むには味が濃すぎる、半袖を着るには寒すぎる. For the example in the question: "To say something to them, the atmosphere is too tense&...
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という意味で what does it mean?

~という意味で means "in the sense of/that ~". "そういう意味で" means "in this sense". "熱いという意味ではなく辛いという意味のホット" means "hot, not in the sense of temperature but in the ...
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のは and は after nouns

のは is not a particle. It is の+は; a nominalizer plus the particle は. I'm not sure there is any logic to saying either 私が生まれたのは北海道の小さな村です 私が生まれた所は北海道の小さな村です. But the former sounds simpler. In ...
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