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Final particles (ね, よ, な, さ) can be thrown in the middle of a sentence in conversation as if fillers. There are technically two types: follows the first word/chunk of the sentence それがね、本物のマツタケなんです That one, see, is the real matsutake. もしもね、ゾンビに襲われたら If, I mean if, you're attacked by zombies... It is used to emphasize and draw hearer's attention. This can ...


This な is a masculine filler particle meaning nothing. If you know ね, さ or よ used like this, this な works the same way. Examples of filler-な: What is the にはな used for in the following sentence? Meaning of triple particle (?) のはな What do 「はな」 and 「いうとな」 mean? Also related: What does さあ (saa) mean? Use of さ as a filler Spaces in children's books

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