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俺で悪かった meaning?

悪い/悪かった can mean I'm sorry (or something like 'too bad'), which is the case here (cf 悪い #11). 初めてが俺で悪かった means "I'm sorry about your first kiss being with me".
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Rate/ratio: What are the differences between 「一年一万円」,「一年に一万円」,「一年で一万円」?

In this sentence, 「で」means something like "as for." 'One' is the most basic number, so there is no need to use 'as for'. But it's also OK to say,「一つで200円です」.
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Rate/ratio: What are the differences between 「一年一万円」,「一年に一万円」,「一年で一万円」?

Generally counter-phrases can be used adverbially. As for 一つ in the sentence, that's why. Counters with and without の So it can be 三つ500円, too. As for に vs で, に is more felt like ratio, i.e., 'per' ...
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replying no to a question

It's not ええい but いいえ. It's not just そ but そう. そう means "in that way". So the speaker is saying something to the effect of "No, that's not the case" or "No, it's not so."...
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