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赤ちゃん (aka-chan) is a familiar derivative of 赤ん坊 (akanbou). 赤ちゃん (aka-chan) is only used for one's own child. According this dictionnary entry it is said that 赤ん坊 is a fetus, a newborn or an infant. An infant being a child less than 18 months old or that cannot not walk nor talk. It is fairly close to the meaning of the English word "baby". https://...


”Akachan” is ”baby.” The meaning of it has not far from born and depending mother. If he walk stable or talk, or you talk with one who thinks he is not a baby, you cannot use it. On the other hand, you can use ”musuko” even if he is a baby. But, ”-chan” is not suited. If you talk about other’s son or daughter, you can use ”musuko-san” or ”musume-san, ” or ...


First off, I think you got the actors the wrong way round. A また太っちゃった。 I ended up getting fat again. B あまいものばかり食べているからだよ。 That's because you eat nothing but sweets. Can you remove からだ? Grammatically you can, but it wouldn't sound natural in the same way that this English exchange would sound slightly awkward: A) I ended up getting fat again. B)...

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