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You could use a noun with 何も to express your opinion that something doesn’t qualify as the said noun at all. 何も悲劇ではない。 It is not a tragedy at all (although some may call it a tragedy). 何も名案ではない。 It is not a good idea at all (although some may claim it to be).


With an i-adjective, you can say: この本は何も面白くない。 This book is not interesting at all. 何も熱くないよ。 It's not hot at all! Keep in mind that i-adjectives don't take だ. With a noun, for example you can say: 彼には何も欠点がない。 He has no faults at all. 何も欲しいものはない。 I want nothing at all. Use 何も only in the context of choosing one type of thing from many possibilities. ...

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