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What is the で part in ではありません?

Good on you for giving Japanese a go! Ya, Japanese and English are very different, structurally, and some of what's happening in Japanese makes more sense if you know some of the history (well, ...
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What does nameはnameで mean?

井上は井上で、待つだけじゃなく自分から彼に話しかければいいじゃないか Inoue, for your part, you should talk to him instead of just waiting around. Inoue, you have your own problem! Don't just wait, why don't you approach him on your ...
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What does nameはnameで mean?

In the case where N is animate noun, followed by a verb referring to behaviour, the meaning of NはNで is '(that is) just like N', 'N, typically enough': 文子は文子でなにも手伝ってくれなかった 'That's Fumiko for you, not a ...
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