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What is the meaning of 提出図書?

I think you are totally correct. At first I thought 図書 means a book, but it is definitely a document if it is written in another document that "本書類は、性能評価用提出図書 (別添)です". This usage of 図書 is not common ...
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Negating adjective ending with ない

Saying something is つまらなくない doesn't mean it's interesting; saying someone is 情けなくない doesn't mean they're hopeful / sympathetic / happy. By analogy, we also can -- but don't often -- negate negative ...
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What is the meaning of 範囲等の申請範囲 in this sentence?

I think there are two separate ranges/scopes (範囲) here - first one belongs to a noun 数値 and is a part of enumeration: tolerance, range, etc. - therefore the 等 right after the first occurrence of 範囲. ...
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Which is correct: こんばんわ or こんばんは?

The right way is always こんいちは, こんばんは with the particle "HA, は" It's like that because it's the old Japanese way to say "good day". the "ha / は" works the same as "is&...
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