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Is it always legal to replace the kanji iteration mark 々 by the kanji it represents? If not, when is such a replacement okay?

my question is about the other direction: whether K々 can always legally be replaced by KK. If that's what you're asking, the answer is "No". Although this is an outdated convention, a ...
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The history of ◯ being used to denote zero

Apparently ◯ was first a 則天文字, developed by the Chinese empress 武則天 of the Tang dynasty. During her rule, she developed quite a few new characters to replace existing ones to promote her reign(you can ...
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Where do i put "簡単" on my sentence?

Please note that 話すできる is ungrammatical. Use either 話せる (polite: 話せます) or 話すことができる instead. 簡単 is a "な-adjective", so you must append に to use it as an adverb. In your sentence, it can come ...
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What is the reading of a name that does not use the onyomi or kunyomi?

Parents can give their children names with any Kanji from the jouyou and jinmeiyou sets, and give them any reading they want even if it's not am established one. 虹 as なな comes from the seven colours ...
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