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Understanding 「性格悪いのお前」

There are two possible ways to understand 性格悪い: one is the compound i-adjective 性格+悪い and the other is omission of the particle が or の from 性格が悪い/性格の悪い. Anyway, this means "having bad personality&...
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い-adjectives derived from verbs

Are there many い-adjectives derived from verbs? There are quite a few. For example... [勇]{いさ}む → 勇ましい [痛]{いた}む → 痛ましい [苛立]{いらだ}つ → 苛立たしい [疑]{うたが}う → 疑わしい [疎]{うと}む → 疎ましい [恨]{うら}む → 恨めしい [羨]{うらや}む → ...
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