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Recognizing old Japanese handwriting

It's a famous book called ぎやどぺかどる, a translation of Guía de Pecadores (or "The Sinner's Guide") by Jesuit mission in Japan. It reads: きやとへかとる 巻の二 (voicing marks unused) Guia do Pecador - Book 2 (...
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Understanding Basho haikus in difficult calligraphy

The problem is that the writing is not only old and cursive, but using a lot of obsolete variant kana (hentaigana) that you'd no longer see in the modern documents. Using hentaigana supported by ...
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Understanding Basho haikus in difficult calligraphy

As a complement to answer above, the old Japanese writing has thrown another monkey wrench into your way to conquering the Japanese literal world: Kuzushiji. So, you get to make sure aren't any of ...
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Is there any way to input hentaigana into text documents?

It is possible, as other comments suggest, to purchase either the Koin変体仮名 fonts or the Mojikyo (文字鏡) suite for use in word-processing (Office Word, TeX). Koin変体仮名 is also available for free but, ...
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Is there any way to input hentaigana into text documents?

There is now a Unicode roadmap towards implementing hentaigana in Unicode 10.0, which is, I assume, coming this year. It would not be long after the standard is updated that fonts containing those ...
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How do I decide which Hentaigana to use?

I hope I can recognize correctly what you asked. Hentaigana are not used normally in contemporary Japanese. Instead, they use standard Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) and Kanji. Calligraphers often ...
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How were specific hentaigana selected for writing?

So according to this article (which is also cited in this section of Wikipedia), there were several factors that affected the choice of hentaigana: Certain words, such as けふ, preferred certain kana. ...
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What are some examples of surnames written with hentaigana?

Rather than surnames, 変体仮名 were frequently used in names (specially female names). Before 1948 there were a lot of women with 変体仮名 in their registered names. After that it seems that the law for ...
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