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Questions regarding verbs of giving and receiving such as あげる, もらう, くれる, also called donatory verbs

Japanese does place more emphasis on interpersonal relationships than English does. Giving-and-receiving verbs are a part of it.

On their own, these verbs can be used in the sense of to receive and to give.


They can be employed as auxiliary verbs as well, indicating the relationship between the subject and receiver or beneficiary of the verbal action. Note that this includes a few verbs that do not express giving or receiving on their own.


A possibly incomplete list of these verbs:

  • あげる
  • あそばす
  • いただく
  • くださる, ください
  • くれる
  • ご覧【らん】(なさる)
  • さしあげる
  • 候【そうろ】う
  • 頂戴【ちょうだい】(する)
  • なさる, なさい
  • もらう
  • やる
  • やがる