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If you mean you use those words in cooking, we rather say like: にんにく一玉【ひとたま】 or 一房【ひとふさ】: "a ball/bunch of garlic" = "a garlic bulb" にんにく一片【ひとかけ】: "a chip of garlic" = "a garlic clove" In your case, "2 garlic cloves" will be にんにく二片【ふたかけ】. Or if you refer to "a garlic bulb" in the context of ...


As @rebuuilt notes, ニンニク and にんにく are the same word written in two different syllabaries ("alphabets"). (There also exists a rarely used kanji representation 大蒜.) The most common way to refer to a single clove of garlic is 1片 (or using kanji for the number: 一片) which can be read either ひとかけ hitokake or いっぺん ippen. I think for a bulb of garlic one ...


ニンニク (katakana syllabary) and にんにく (hiragana syllabary) are two different but equivalent ways of writing the same thing: garlic. garlic: ニンニク or にんにく garlic clove: ニンニクのひとかけ (based on this website: garlic bulb: ニンニクの球根 or ニンニクの鱗茎 (I think 鱗茎 is a more specific term)

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