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Is it acceptable to include both direction (へ) and destination (に) in a sentence?

私は東へ日本に行った sounds very weird to my native ears. place/direction + へ and place/direction + に occupy the same argument ("slot") of 行く, so they are mutually exclusive. (Of course, something ...
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What do you say for "junction" or "fork" in a path in terms of direction?

I think it would be called a 分岐点{ぶんきてん}. In addition to physical path splits, it's often used to indicate turning points abstractly (like a turning point in your life etc). EDIT: As @Flaw mentions, ...
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Will you come or go to my location?

In this situation, you can say 東京に来ます(か)?. However if you say it to your friends, 東京に来る? would be natural.東京に行きますか wouldn't be natural. In this situation, your friends shouldn't say 東京に来る but 東京に行く ...
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Will you come or go to my location?

Your scenario is the same as the Scenario #2 below. You are talking with a person A and want to ask whether the person A is moving toward you. This video explains with animations: I'll come or I'll go?...
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