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How do Zen students learn the readings for jakugo?

I am not a native speaker, however I am familiar with these texts. My impression is that even native speakers do not necessarily know how to read these texts. It's not that they couldn't come up with ...
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Is 「太太」("wife") pejorative? Archaic?

That is a Chinese word, both according to Jisho and Goo dictionary: タイタイ【太太】 《(中国語)》奥様。夫人。 Not sure if pejorative; please refer to the Chinese SE. This word isn't used in Japanese with this meaning.
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How cross-applicable were Classical Chinese second-person pronouns to Japanese kanji?

I would say only [君]{きみ} and [汝]{なんじ}. 君 is common. It's used for someone on the same level of social status like a friend, or lower like a subordinate at work. It has condescending or pretentious ...
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