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Japanese names for Chinese swords?

The kanji 刀 is primarily read as かたな in kun-yomi, but とう (on-yomi) is also used in on-yomi compounds. Note that this word refers not only to Chinese ones but to single-edged swords/knives in general, ...
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What would be the Japanese Kanji equivalent of the Chinese character 涵?

In Japanese, 涵 is still 涵, and this character is not simplified in neither Chinese nor Japanese. There are a few point to note: After WWII, both China and Japan simplified some of the characters, ...
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Anyone has any idea why 狼狽 means "confusion/panic/consternation" when both kanjis are ways of saying "wolf"?

The explanation from 新明解語源辞典 gives weight to the old meaning of codependence of both the wolves : both 狼 and 狽 designate legendary wild creatures. The first one with long forelegs and short hind legs. ...
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